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Howard Amos

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Howard Amos Howard Amos has worked as a journalist in Moscow since 2010. He began by writing about business and politics for The Moscow Times, before moving to RIA Novosti’s English language service and then the International Business Times. He has also reported from Russia and former Soviet Union countries for publications including The Guardian, The Telegraph, Newsweek, the BBC Russian Service and Associated Press, among others. He is currently working as a freelancer.

Ivan's Return

Russian Life: Jan/Feb 2017
Every nation builds monuments to those who symbolize the best the country has produced. Yet sometimes there is wide disagreement on what “best” means.
Author: Howard Amos

Moscow in the Middle

Russian Life: Nov/Dec 2016
Despite the current economic downturn, the capital continues to buzz with construction and renovation. We look at what drives current changes and where things are headed.
Author: Howard Amos