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Petr Shelomovskiy

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Petr Shelomovskiy Petr Shelomovskiy is a Moscow born, Prague based freelance photojournalist. He graduated from Moscow’s Institute for Electronic Engineering with a PhD in Engineering. Published in The New York Times, The Guardian, The Telegraph, The Sunday Times, and The Times of London, he has photographed civil protests and conflicts in Ukraine, Turkey, and Armenia. In his spare time he enjoys long distance motorcycle trips and backpacking through Southeast Asia.

The Master of Olkhon

Russian Life: May/June 2016
Twenty years ago, scheduled flights halted at this distant, Siberian airfield. But that hasn't stopped Vladimir Prokopiyev and his wife Gerald from keeping the landing strip in working order.
Author: Zinaida Burskaya
Translator: Paul E. Richardson
Illustrations/Images: Petr Shelomovskiy