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Edwin Trommelen

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Edwin Trommelen Edwin Trommelen is a writer and documentary filmmaker with a lifelong fascination for all things Russian. His directing credits include Back to the Camp (about a Dutch woman who was imprisoned in Russia) and Behind the Black Mountains (about a Jewish boy from Amsterdam, Anton Devier, who traveled back to Russia with Peter the Great and became the first Police Chief of St. Petersburg). His most recent film Voices from the Tundra – The Last of the Yukagirs won three international prizes. He is also the author of Davai! The Russians and their Vodka (Russian Life Books, 2012), and is working on a book on the BAM Railway.

Life Along the BAM

Russian Life: Mar/Apr 2016
It was one of the greatest building projects of the Soviet era, inspiring thousands to pick up and move to Siberia. Author Edwin Trommelen traveled the route and got to know Bamovtsy.
Author: Edwin Trommelen
Translator: David Stephenson