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Julie Masis

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Julie Masis is a freelance journalist whose stories have appeared in the Guardian, Christian Science Monitor, Globe and Mail, Boston Globe, Montreal Gazette, and on the Reuters news wire. In addition to Ukraine, she has reported from the US, Canada, Cambodia, China, Japan, Myanmar, Vietnam, and Moldova. She has also taught English to Buddhist monks and organized guided tours to the Khmer Rouge Tribunal. Her blog is online at

Russian and Not Russian

Russian Life: July/Aug 2016
Ukraine’s bustling Black Sea port is one of that country’s most Russian of cities. And while there seems to be some dispute about how old the city is, there is no disputing that Odessa is distinctly Odessan.
Author: Julie Masis
Illustrations/Images: Susanne Kries

Gogol on the Rocks

Russian Life: Jan/Feb 2016
Nikolai Gogol was born in Ukraine and is revered in his homeland. So why is the house where he lived in Odessa in such disrepair, and will anything ever be done about it?
Author: Julie Masis