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Konstantin Dubkov

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KONSTANTIN DUBKOV was born in the closed city of Chelyabinsk-65. He moved to Sverdlovsk (now known as Yekaterinburg) to study at the Sverdlovsk Art School named for Ivan Shadr, and later at the Ural State Academy of Architecture and Arts. He got his start drawing the children’s page for a local newspaper, quickly turning it into a comics page with regular characters. It was a turning point in his career as a comic strip artist and he continues to draw comics and do commercial work, particularly that which can have a social impact. His website is at

The Hedgehog

Russian Life: Nov/Dec 2015
The news is filled with stories of refugees, migrants and barbed wire, to say nothing of xenophobic laws and sanctions. So when we came across this award-winning comic book tale by a Yekaterinburg-based artist, we had to share it.
Author: Konstantin Dubkov
Illustrations/Images: Konstantin Dubkov