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Andrei Gusachenko

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Andrei Gusachenko Andrey Gusachenko is a hydrographer by profession, but has been a photographer since youth. His work has been shown throughout Russia and Europe in individual and group shows, and he has received numerous awards for his work. He lives in Ukraine but travels frequently throughout Russia. His images of St. Petersburg By Night formed our 2008 Wall Calendar.

Defending Sevastopol

Russian Life: May/June 2010
Where we visit this most Russian of cities on Ukraine’s Black Sea coast. Vibrant, sun-drenched Sevastopol suffered under two horrific sieges in its recent history. Is a third underway?
Author: Karina Klimenko
Illustrations/Images: Andrei Gusachenko
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Ryazan: Gateway to the Russian Heartland

Russian Life: Mar/Apr 2008
If you want to understand Russia, you have to leave Moscow and St. Petersburg behind and visit the towns and villages of the heartland. And it would be hard to find a better place to start than Ryazan. An added plus: it is just 200 km from Moscow.
Author: Andrei Gusachenko
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