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David Edwards

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David Edwards David EdwardsMoscow Times and now works on the copy desk at the Las Vegas Review-Journal. A native of Spokane, Washington, he holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism and a master’s degree in international relations. He also does freelance Russian translation. Largely self-taught in Russian, he recently began studying his fourth foreign language, Turkish.

Two Roads from Urzhum

Russian Life: November/December 2017
A good mystery begins unexpectedly in the unlikeliest of places. And then it takes you where you never imagined. This one took the author halfway around the world 
and more than a hundred years back in time.
Author: David Edwards

Soviet Dissent: Genesis and Heirs

Russian Life: Mar/Apr 2016
Half a century ago, the Soviet dissent movement began when two young writers were put on trial for publishing their works abroad and “slandering the state.” We consider how this relates to modern events.
Author: David Edwards

Wild Pitch

Russian Life: July/Aug 2015
It is not an easy task to sell the very American sport of baseball in a time of state-sanctioned anti-Americanism. But that doesn’t stop the Gladikovs.
Author: David Edwards
Illustrations/Images: Sergei Zhuravlyov