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Yvonne Howell

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Yvonne Howell is Professor of Russian and International Studies at the University of Richmond. She is the author of Apocalyptic Realism: The Science Fiction of Arkady and Boris Strugatsky (1994), as well as numerous chapters, articles, and translations. Her research centers on the question of how the relationship between scientific progress and humanistic thought is worked out differently in different cultures, with profound implications for national identity and state agendas. She is the editor of Red Star Tales: An Anthology of Russian and Soviet Science Fiction, published by Russian Life books in fall 2015.


Chtenia: Spring 2015
It is the 200th anniversary of an attempt to humanize apes, with surprising effect...
Author: Kir Bulychev
Translator: Yvonne Howell

Russian and Soviet Science Fiction

Chtenia: Spring 2015
An introduction to this exciting collection of science fiction.
Author: Yvonne Howell


Chtenia: Spring 2015
An experience archaeologist is joined in the field by a peculiar colleague.
Author: Mikhail Ancharov
Translator: Yvonne Howell

The Exam

Chtenia: Spring 2015
A 1979 story about an institute that teaches its students to care for the environment and which breed trans-ape-humans.
Author: Sergei Drugal
Translator: Yvonne Howell

Valley of New Life

Chtenia: Spring 2015
One of the most significant and earliest (1922) works of Soviet scoff.
Author: Theo Elie
Translator: Yvonne Howell