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Anna Mazanik

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Anna Mazanik ANNA MAZANIK is an historian of late-imperial Russia. She was born in Moscow, graduated from Moscow State University, and studied at Johns Hopkins University, TU Darmstadt and LMU Munich. She is currently researching the history of public health in Moscow at Central European University, Budapest. 

Birthing Pains

Russian Life: Jan/Feb 2015
Birth was no easy thing in rural Russia in the nineteenth century, not for mother or child. All manner of bizarre and unsafe practices reigned, from being “corrected,” to getting popped in the oven, to being left alone all day while mom worked in the fields.
Author: Anna Mazanik
Translator: Paul E. Richardson

The Last Months of Peace

Russian Life: July/Aug 2014
A century ago this summer, the War to End All Wars began. What were Russians concerned about in 1914? Not war.
Author: Anna Mazanik
Translator: Nina Shevchuk-Murray