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Nina Berberova

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NINA BERBEROVA (1901-1993) a writer and memoirist, was married to Vladislav Khodasevich. She gained fame for her stories about the life of émigrés in the Boulogne-Billancourt suburb of Paris but remained little-known outside the Russian émigré community. In 1985 her work was rediscovered and her novels, stories, and memoirs were translated and published to great international acclaim.

The Book of Happiness

Chtenia: Spring 2017
The Book of Happiness, loosely based on Nina Berberova’s years spent living in Paris, follows the heroine Vera as she struggles through life abroad with a dying husband. After his passing, Vera meets a stranger who opens her eyes to what it means to be truly content.
Author: Nina Berberova
Translator: Marian Schwartz

The Resurrection of Mozart

Chtenia: Fall 2015
Berberova sets her haunting story in a France on the verge of invasion in 1940. The image of an unexpectedly resurrected Mozart represents the immortality of art and culture.
Author: Nina Berberova
Translator: Marian Schwartz

The Argentine

Chtenia: Spring 2014
A story of emigre love and loss in Paris.
Author: Nina Berberova
Translator: Marian Schwartz