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Joy Neumeyer

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JOY NEUMEYER grew up in Lynchburg, Virginia and attended Brown University. After first coming to Moscow on a Fulbright grant, she spent several years there working as a journalist, writing about food, art, death, history, literature and pigeons. She is currently a PhD student in Soviet history at the University of California, Berkeley.


Russian Life: Nov/Dec 2014
It is likely no individual has had more graven public images cast of him than Vladimir Lenin. Recently, a Moscow exhibition delved into the early Soviet regime's search for the "perfect" Lenin, revealing plenty of rejected versions.
Author: Joy Neumeyer

Terror and Art

Russian Life: Mar/Apr 2014
A witness to the turning point that was Patriarch Tikhon’s funeral, artist Pavel Korin devoted the rest of his life to putting it on canvas.
Author: Joy Neumeyer

The Death Artist

Russian Life: Sep/Oct 2013
Sergei Merkurov created some of the Soviet Union’s most iconic sculptures. But he also had a shadow profession: casting death masks of the elite.
Author: Joy Neumeyer
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