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Kris Farmen

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Kris Farmen Kris Farmen is a novelist, historian, and award-winning freelance journalist. His books include The Devil’s Share, Weathered Edge (with Martha Amore and Buffy McKay) and Turn Again, a historical novel about the first generation of Russian-speaking kids to grow up in Alaska after the arrival of the Americans. He holds degrees in anthropology and archaeology, and his work has appeared in Alaska magazine, Mushing magazine, The Surfer’s Path, and The Anchorage Press. He lives in Alaska, dividing his time between Anchorage and the Kenai Peninsula. This is his first article for Russian Life.

Looking at Lukin

Russian Life: July/Aug 2013
In October 1867, with the stroke of a pen, Russian America became Alaska. But what happened to the Russian colonists and children of Russian colonists for whom this land was home?
Author: Kris Farmen
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