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Anton Agafonov

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Anton Agafonov Anton Agafonov was born in Izhevsk, and graduated from Udmurt State University with a degree in English Language and Literature. After working as an English professor at his alma mater for five years, in 2013 he moved to the US, yet he still returns regularly to Russia. He is currently teaching Russian Language and Russian Culture as well as English Composition in colleges of the Southern Tier region in New York State, as well as in Erie, PA. He is always glad to share the wealth of his knowledge of two languages and two cultures.

Of Crocodiles and Tchaikovsky

Russian Life: July/Aug 2013
In this first of a series where Russians write about their hometowns, we visit an industrial city west of the Urals, Izhevsk, home to Tchaikovsky and Kalashnikov.
Author: Anton Agafonov
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