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Alexei K. Tolstoy

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Alexei Konstantinovich Tolstoy (1817–1875), was a poet, novelist and playwright and second cousin of Leo Tolstoy. Many consider him the most important Russian historical dramatist of the nineteenth century, because of his dramatic trilogy The Death of Ivan the Terrible (1866), Tsar Fyodor Ioannovich (1868), and Tsar Boris (1870). He was also famous for his satirical works, published under his own name (History of the Russian State from Gostomysl to Timashev, The Dream of Councillor Popov) and under the pen name of Kozma Prutkov (which was actually three people, see Chtenia 16). His fictional works include the novella The Vampire (1841) – the first vampire story penned by a Russian (The Family of the Vudalak was the second), and the historical novel The Silver Prince (1862).

The Vurdalak's Family

Chtenia: Winter 2013

Author: Alexei K. Tolstoy
Translator: Paul E. Richardson
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