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Pyotr Yershov

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Pyotr Yershov (1815-1869) grew up in the Siberian town of Tobolsk, in the family of a civil servant who was compelled to move quite frequently. This migratory lifestyle – among the people and places at what was then the wild frontier of the Russian Empire – equipped young Yershov with a deep appreciation for folk speech, humor, and storytelling, as well as exotic settings and characters. The Little Humpbacked Horse remains Yershov’s most famous work, beloved by generations of children and adults ever since its first publication in 1834. The tale has been adapted as a ballet (twice, in 1864 and 1958), an animated film, a live-action film, and, finally, an arcade game.

The Little Hump-Backed Horse

Chtenia: Summer 2012

Author: Pyotr Yershov
Translator: Lydia Razran Stone
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