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Dmitry Volodikhin

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Dmitry Volodikhin DMITRY VOLODIKHIN received his doctorate in history from Moscow State University (MGU) and is a docent in MGU's Department of Source Studies in the History Faculty. He is the author of over a dozen monographs, textbooks, reference, popular scientific and scientific-literary books on Russian history. He specializes in Muscovy from the fifteenth to seventeenth centuries.

Stenka Razin and the Russian State

Russian Life: Sep/Oct 2011
Praised in Russian folklore, Stepan Razin reigns as Russia’s most memorable and popular rebel. On the 340th anniversary of the Cossack-led uprising, a noted historian considers the lessons of Razin for the Russian state.
Author: Dmitry Volodikhin
Translator: Mikhail Ivanov
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