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Andrew Bromfield

4 contributions found for Russian Life and/or Chtenia.

ANDREW BROMFIELD is a widely published translator of Russian fiction. He is a founding editor of the Russian literature journal Glas, and has translated into English works by Boris Akunin, Vladimir Voinovich, Mikhail Bulgakov, Irina Denezhkina, Victor Pelevin, and Sergei Lukyanenko (including the Night Watch series), among other writers.

The Tambourine of the Upper World

Chtenia: Fall 2015
With his early stories and novels, Pelevin established himself as one of Russia’s leading contemporary writers. “The Tambourine of the Upper World” showcases many of his usual themes and interests: social satire, mysticism, metaphysical border crossings, and upturned expectations.
Author: Victor Pelevin
Translator: Andrew Bromfield

Dubious Intent

Russian Life: May/June 2014
An excerpt from the final installment in a popular Russian sci-fi saga, to coincide with the novel’s release.
Author: Sergei Lukyanenko
Translator: Andrew Bromfield
Illustrations/Images: Katya Korobkina

The Smoker

Chtenia: Summer 2013
An excerpt from this novel of an orphanage for handicapped children, which caused a sensation when published in 2009.
Author: Mariam Petrosyan
Translator: Andrew Bromfield
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Monday Starts on Saturday

Chtenia: Spring 2011

Author: Arkady and Boris Strugatsky
Translator: Andrew Bromfield
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