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Murielle Ribot

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MURIELLE RIBOT AND OLIVIER ALLUIS were born in the French Alps. Murielle studied biology in Toulouse, while Olivier studied applied sciences in Grenoble. they met on a ski slope in the Alps and now live in the South of France. They love nature and spend their free time biking, kayaking, skiing or climbing. Each new trip is for them an opportunity to satisfy their irrepressible passion for outdoor sports.

Trekking Baikal

Russian Life: Jan/Feb 2011
Winter offers unique travel opportunities to Russia, particularly when it comes to Siberia. For instance, how about a trek across the world’s largest freshwater lake? Or ice skating atop crystal clear waters, then enjoying a searing banya...?
Authors: Olivier Alluis and Murielle Ribot
Translator: Maria Antonova
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