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Georgy Ivanov

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GEORGY IVANOV (1894-1958) was a poet, novelist, and memoirist, married to the poet and memoirist Irina Odoyevtseva. He was part of Nikolai Gumilev’s Guild of Poets in his youth. In emigration he published several novels, including Nuclear Disintegration, which some critics considered the best novel written between the wars. His old age was marked by extreme poverty and illness. The poetry he wrote during the period is remarkable for its depth of feeling, combined with a precision of vision: seeing the beauty of life especially clearly through despair.

An Evening Hour Fading Fast

Chtenia: Spring 2014
A poignant poem on which the issue ends.
Author: Georgy Ivanov
Translator: Maria Bloshteyn

Petersburg Winters

Chtenia: Winter 2011

Author: Georgy Ivanov
Translator: Nina Shevchuk-Murray
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