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Christopher Marcisz

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Christopher Marcisz Christopher Marcisz is a writer and journalist originally from western Massachusetts, who has spent the past year living in Moscow, with his wife, Olga, and daughter, Mila. His work has appeared in the Berkshire Eagle, The Boston Globe, The International Herald Tribune, and The Moscow News. His website is here.

Digging up the Past

Russian Life: July/Aug 2008
Forty-six years ago this summer, the Soviet Union was rocked by its largest mass protest. Dozens died, but only recently have the facts become known.
Author: Christopher Marcisz
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The Spies Who Loved

Russian Life: Jul/Aug 2006
They betrayed their country and helped the Soviet Union get the bomb. But this couple never became famous, like the Rosenbergs. Perhaps that is because they got away, almost...
Author: Christopher Marcisz
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