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Denis Petrulenkov

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DENIS PETRULENKOV is an artist and illustrator who lives in Smolensk. His illustrations have appeared in GQ, Rolling Stone, Men's Health, and other top Russian and western magazines. He is a frequent illustrator for Russian Life. His website is

Wicked Cold

Russian Life: Jan/Feb 2005
This 60-year-old piece of fiction by Ilf and Petrov is a our seasonally-appropriate Literary Insert.
Authors: Ilya Ilf and Yevgeny Petrov
Illustrations/Images: Denis Petrulenkov

The Oligarchs and the President

Russian Life: Mar/Apr 2004
The vital subtext for March’s election is the battle between the Kremlin and the oligarchs. We walk back through recent history and provide up-to-date profiles of Russia’s weakened robber-barons.
Author: Eric Helque
Illustrations/Images: Denis Petrulenkov