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Alexey Kortnev

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ALEXEI ANATOLEVICH KORTNEV (born 1966) is a poet, musician, artist and leader of the group Neschastny Sluchay (“Accident”). Even before he became a student at Moscow State University, he began to perform in student theater and as a musician in Neschastny Sluchay, which he founded with Valdis Pelshe. In the 1990s, he participated in many popular television programs, wrote for film, theater and advertising. He took part in the musical Nord-Ost (Northeast), and has acted in many films. He participated in the plays Election Day and Radio Day, satires on a radio channel and its employees during a regional election campaign.

Putin and the Lord

Chtenia: Spring 2009

Author: Alexey Kortnev
Translator: Paul E. Richardson
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