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Stella Rock

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Stella Rock STELLA ROCK has been travelling to and writing about Russia for years. She has a doctorate in Russian religious history from the University of Sussex, and is a senior research fellow at the Center for Religion, Politics & Society, J. M Dawson Institute of Church-State Studies, Baylor University. Her book on popular religion in Russia is published by Routledge and she has contributed a chapter to the Cambridge History of Eastern Christianity, in addition to numerous articles for academic journals and publications such as History Today. Stella's home town is Brighton (Sussex, UK), but she spends as much time as possible walking with the Russian pilgrims she is researching for her next book.

Russia on the March

Russian Life: Nov/Dec 2010
In recent years, a resurgent interest in religious pilgrimages has swept through Russia. Stella Rock joined 20,000 Russians on a 150-kilometer journey through Kirov region and brought back this story.
Author: Stella Rock
Illustrations/Images: Sandra Reddin
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Walking for the Tsar

Russian Life: July/Aug 2009
Ninety years after their assassination in Yekaterinburg, the Romanov Royal Family has become an object of intense devotion and veneration.
Author: Stella Rock
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