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Alexandra Borisenko

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Alexandra Borisenko Alexandra Borisenko is a literary translator and critic. She is also an associate professor at Moscow University.

Dobychin, Pasternak, Reindeer People and more

Russian Life: Jan/Feb 2006
A review of a collection of stories by Leonid Dobychin, a biography of Pasternak, and a cultural study of the Evenk people of the north.
Authors: Paul E. Richardson and Alexandra Borisenko
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Spycraft Through Film

Russian Life: Jan/Feb 2006
It would be hard to overestimate the cultural impact of film on Russian culture. We plumb the depths of this phenomenon in this year’s Study Russia section.
Authors: Alexandra Borisenko and Victor Sonkin
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The Ultimate Choice

Russian Life: Nov/Dec 2005
Ruminations on Mikhail Khodorkovsky's battle with Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin.
Author: Alexandra Borisenko
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