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Polina Fomina

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Polina Fomina Polina Fominais a journalist and anthropologist who lives in St. Petersburg.

Planet Hermitage

Russian Life: Jul/Aug 2004
Two score and two centuries ago, Catherine the Great founded a museum. Today, it is a planet unto itself.
Author: Polina Fomina
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Russian Life: Jan/Feb 2004
It was one of the most horrifying and heroic episodes of the last century. Sixty years ago this January, the 900-day Siege of Leningrad was finally broken. We take you back for a look at what daily life was like for average Leningraders.
Author: Polina Fomina
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21 Slices of St. Petersburg Life

Russian Life: May/June 2003
Thousands upon thousands of pages have been written about Piter during its three centuries of life on the Neva. But what does it take to understand this strange city like a native? These 20 "signs of life" offer a tiny part of the answer.
Author: Polina Fomina