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Igor Severyanin

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IGOR SEVERYANIN (pseudonym of Igor Lotaryov, 1887-1941), the leader of the so-called Ego-Futurists, was one of the most popular and controversial poets of the Silver Age (1890-1920). He struck a provocative dandified pose both in his life and his work, singing the praises of “pineapples in champagne” and “lilac ice-cream” in verse brimming with foreign borrowings and neologisms. He fled Russia to Estonia in 1917, where he continued to write poetry, but now of a much more subdued nature. He died of a heart attack in Tallinn in 1941.

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Chtenia: Summer 2014

Author: Igor Severyanin
Translator: Boris Dralyuk

A Little Girl Cried in the Park

Chtenia: Fall 2008

Author: Igor Severyanin
Translator: Lydia Razran Stone
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