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Sergei Aksakov

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Sergei Aksakov Sergei Aksakov (1791-1859) was born into a rich landowning family in Ufa. He worked for a time as a government translator and censor, but in 1843 retired to his estate of Abramtsevo (near Moscow) to be a “gentleman of leisure.” He was noted for his exacting and highly detailed descriptions of fishing, hunting, and the outdoors, as well as for his objective and matter-of-fact portrayal of Russia in the final years of serfdom, especially in the novel, The Childhood of Bagrov-Grandson (Chtenia 04).

A Journey in Autumn to Bagrovo

Chtenia: Fall 2017
A memoir of a harrowing crossing of the Volga River in fall.
Authors: Sergei Aksakov and James Duff

The Childhood Years of Bagrov-Grandson

Chtenia: Fall 2008

Author: Sergei Aksakov
Translator: James Duff
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