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Yuri Nagibin

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Yuri Nagibin YURI NAGIBIN (1920-1994) was a prolific short story writer, journalist, war correspondent and screenwriter. He wrote dozens of stories, published over 50 years in numerous collections, and authored 27 film screenplays. His stories are renowned for their penetrating examination of the characters' inner world, for their sudden epiphanies and emotional climax. Very few of his stories have been translated into English.

Clear Ponds

Chtenia: Winter 2014
A truly wonderful memoir of life growing up along Moscow's boulevard, by a writer hardly published in English.
Author: Yuri Nagibin
Translator: Olga Kuzmina

The Tale of a Blue Frogling

Chtenia: Spring 2008

Author: Yuri Nagibin
Translator: Nina Shevchuk-Murray
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