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Valentina Kolesnikova

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Common Strength: Eight Russian Women

Russian Life: Mar/Apr 2000
In commemoration of International Women's Day, celebrated widely in Russia, we offer portraits of the daily lives of eight remarkable Russian women. Those profiled include: a ballet dancer, a bakery shop assistant, a television anchor, a train conductor, an artist, an athlete, a travel agent, and a cab driver.
Authors: Mikhail Ivanov and Valentina Kolesnikova
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A Widow's Legacy

Russian Life: Aug/Sep 1999
Out of the tragedy that was Margarita Tuchkova's life came the Spaso-Borodinsky Convent and Church. Today, the convent is a center for a beautiful art form: sewn icons.
Author: Valentina Kolesnikova
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All's Fair in Party Warfare

Russian Life: Feb/Mar 1999
Stalin "thanked" Leningrad for its heroic survival of WWII by subjecting it to a massive purge in 1949. Only today, fifty years later, are all the details becoming clear.
Author: Valentina Kolesnikova

The Russian Lindbergh

Russian Life: Dec/Jan 1999
A biography of Valery Chkalov, one of Russia's most famous test pilots, who perished on December 15, 1938.
Author: Valentina Kolesnikova

Rubbing Salt in Peasants' Wounds

Russian Life: June/July 1998
350 years ago, on June 12, 1648, a huge revolt against taxes flared up in Russia. Here is why it did not lead to democracy...
Author: Valentina Kolesnikova

The Barin of Russian Marxism

Russian Life: May 1998
A profile of the revolutionary theorist who was Lenin's mentor, Georgy Plekhanov
Author: Valentina Kolesnikova
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The Tsar Liberator

Russian Life: April 1998
On the occasion of the 180th anniversary of the birth of Tsar Alexander II, we offer this biography.
Author: Valentina Kolesnikova

Berdyaev and the Russian Idea

Russian Life: March 1998
A profile of one of 20th century Russia's preeminent philsophers.
Author: Valentina Kolesnikova

Singing in Exile

Russian Life: February 1998
Fyodor Shalyapin is one of the great operatic singers of our age. But Shalyapin was larger than life in other respects as well.
Author: Valentina Kolesnikova
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Why Christmas Toys are Us

Russian Life: Dec/Jan 1998
The yolka is the centerpiece of Russians' Christmas and New Year's celebrations. And the toys that decorate the yolka have an unusual power.
Author: Valentina Kolesnikova