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Scott D. McDonald

6 contributions found for Russian Life and/or Chtenia.

The Taxi's Last Stand

Russian Life: April 1996
A special look at the independent traveler's mainstay in getting around town: the taxi. Do's and don'ts.
Author: Scott D. McDonald

Your Chariot Awaits: Public Transport in Russia

Russian Life: March 1996
Getting around in the metro and trolleybuses. Tips and information.
Author: Scott D. McDonald

Relax but be vigilant: Safety in Russia

Russian Life: February 1996
Several tips for personal safety while traveling in Russia.
Author: Scott D. McDonald

Riding the Russian Rails

Russian Life: January 1996
Tips and information on riding Russia's railways, for short or long trips.
Author: Scott D. McDonald

More Myths Exploded

Russian Life: December 1995
Seven more myths (the first six were in last month's issue) about travel to Russia are exploded.
Author: Scott D. McDonald

Transaero: What's all the fuss about?

Russian Life: July 1995
A look at no-frills debutante in the Russian aero market, Transaero.
Author: Scott D. McDonald