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Roy Medvedev

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A Very Hot Summer in Prague

Russian Life: Aug/Sept 1998
Three decades ago, Soviet and Warsaw Pact tanks roared into Czechoslovakia. As newly opened archives now reveal, the invasion was neither so swift or successful as originally portrayed.
Author: Roy Medvedev
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The Kremlin and the Bottle

Russian Life: April 1998
An interview with Roy Medvedev about the drinking habits and policies of Russian and Soviet leaders.
Author: Roy Medvedev

Mother of the Tsar

Russian Life: March 1998
A look at what is known about the life and influence of Stalin's mother, Yekaterina Dzhugashvili.
Author: Roy Medvedev

A Prophet and His Country

Russian Life: November 1997
Thirty-five years ago this month, a little book was published that changed Russia forever. On the anniversary of the publication of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn's One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich, we asked two esteemed observers to offer their views on the great writer's legacy.
Authors: Roy Medvedev and Edward E. Ericson

The Body Politic

Russian Life: May 1997
A revealing retrospective on Russian leaders' health, from Lenin to Yeltsin -- what they have sought to cover up, and why.
Author: Roy Medvedev

Operation Whirlpool

Russian Life: November 1996
Forty years ago this month, an uprising in Hungary tested the liberal credentials of the new Khrushchev regime and ended a warming trend in the Cold War. Noted historian Roy Medvedev describes the events of autumn 1956 in Budapest from a contemporary Russian standpoint.
Author: Roy Medvedev