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Nikolai Pavlenko

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Nikolai Pavlovich has worked at Moscow's Historical Museum, taught history at the university and worked as political editor at Itogi and Yezhenedelny Zhurnal magazines. Today, he is the editor of Otechestvennye Zapiski magazine and contributes to a variety of publications. Nikolai lives with his wife, three children and a dog. He enjoys kayaking quiet rivers, reading and chatting with friends.

The Other Catherine

Russian Life: Dec/Jan 1999
The waning of 1998 was marked by the 255th anniversary of Yekaterina Dashkova's birth and the 215th anniversary of her founding of the Russian Academy. We look at her astonishing live and work.
Author: Nikolai Pavlenko

The Prince and the Empress

Russian Life: May 1998
A biography of Catherine the Great's favorite and the noted diplomat, Grigory Potemkin.
Author: Nikolai Pavlenko
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The Couture of Power

Russian Life: May 1997
Elizabeth I (1741-1761) loved horseback riding, carousing and building palaces, but not ruling. Meet the daughter of Peter the Great.
Author: Nikolai Pavlenko

Secret Mission

Russian Life: March 1997
In 1697, Peter the Great made history as the first Russian Tsar ever to cross his country's borders. Traveling incognito, Peter visited Holland and England to master the arts of shipbuilding and navigation. What he learned there revolutionized Russia.
Author: Nikolai Pavlenko

A Woman of Substance

Russian Life: November 1996
Two hundred years ago this month, the death of Empress Catherine II brought many things in Russia to an end. Russia said goodbye to its last female ruler, and to the last ruler in its history to be given the title "veliky" (great). The period known as the Golden Age of the Nobility also drew to a close. Nikolai Pavlenko tells the story of the controversial and strong-willed German princess who siezed ppower in a vast foreign country and earned the ardent respect of her subject and outsiders alike.
Author: Nikolai Pavlenko