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Linda Predovsky

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Linda Predovskyfirst came to Russia to work on a film project and soon after met her husband, Alexander. The two decided to stay in Russia and, since 1998, have been successfully running their own TV/film production company, PredWorld Entertainment, based in St. Petersburg. Linda loves Russia's rich history and feels quite lucky to live in the country's cultural capital with her husband and daughter.

Crowning Display

Russian Life: Jan/Feb 2013
This year marks the 400th anniversary of the beginning of the Romanov dynasty in Russia. A Washington museum is using the anniversary to show off some of its unique holdings, including several amazing coronation albums.
Author: Linda Predovsky
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Forever Amber

Russian Life: Jan/Feb 2003
For forty million years, it was just tree sap trapped under earth and water. Now it is being transformed into soft gems that will resurrect the famous Amber Room.
Author: Linda Predovsky

You're Only 300 Once!

Russian Life: July/Aug 2002
St. Petersburg is about to turn 300 and there's a party brewing! We kick off a year of special coverage of St. Petersburg with a round up of next year's Tercentennial festivities in the Northern Palmyra. Plus, we offer a Tercentenary Traveler's Resource Guide, listing places to stay and companies to help you get to St. Petersburg next year.
Author: Linda Predovsky
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