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Georgy Vladimov

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GEORGY VLADIMOV (1931-2003) was a prominent writer who resigned from the Writers Union of the USSR to protest being banned from traveling to the West to publicize Faithful Ruslan. After excoriating the Union in a letter of resignation, Vladimov wrote: "Carry on the burden of mediocrity, do what you are fit for and called upon to perform: crush, persecute, detain. But leave me out. I am returning card No. 1471." Other popular books of his were The Great Ore (Bolshaya Ruda), Three Minutes of Silence (Tri Minuty Molchaniya) and his Booker prize winning The General and His Army (General i yevo Armiya).

Faithful Ruslan

Chtenia: Winter 2008

Author: Georgy Vladimov
Translator: Michael Glenny
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