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Dina Goder

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Dina Goder Dina Goder graduated with a major in theatrical studies from the Moscow Institute of Theater Arts (GITIS) and has since worked as a theater critic for the capital's magazines. She has worked for Itogi magazine, Ezhenedelnyi Zhurnal weekly ans now works for Plyusy I Minusy. Dina has always loved animated films, but never wrote about them. Then one day, after failing yet again to convinve the movie critic of the magazine she was working for to write about animated films, she decided to try it herself. She started traveling to animation festivals and has been covering animation as well as theaters.

Moving Pictures

Russian Life: Nov/Dec 2003
The masters of Russian and Soviet animation rank among the world's greatest artists of the genre. But not many outside the industry know their names or have ever seen their work.
Author: Dina Goder
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