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Colleen Combes

3 contributions found for Russian Life and/or Chtenia.

Arctic Paradise

Russian Life: July 1996
The Solovetsky Archipelago in the far northern White Sea is an extraordinary mix. Colleen Combes braved the mosquitoes to investigate the nature phenomena, prehistoric puzzles, monastic traditions, and gulag hardships that make this remote corner of Russia so unique.
Author: Colleen Combes
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The Heart and Hearth of Wooden Toys

Russian Life: January 1996
A look at the wonderful folk art of wood carving that grew up in and around the ancient village of Bogorodskoye.
Author: Colleen Combes

Is There a Future for the Past?

Russian Life: November 1995
A visit to the open air museums of the Russian North: Kizhi and Maliye Karely.
Author: Colleen Combes