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Eric Helque

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Eric Helque Eric Helque came to Moscow in 1996 to run a training program for Russian journalists. He returned home to France in 1997, only to return to Moscow in 2000. He worked for about five years (in French and English) as a journalist in Moscow for Agence France Presse, Belgian radio and a number of French and American publications, then moved on to South Korea.

Fools on the Barricades

Russian Life: Jan/Feb 2005
Our regular contributor, Eric Helque, was in Kiev during the Orange Revolution there in November. He brings back some thoughts from the barricades.
Author: Eric Helque

Last Mic Standing

Russian Life: Jan/Feb 2005
Broadcasters free of state control are as rare in Russia as peach trees in Moscow. Ekho Moskvy Radio is a notable holdout.
Author: Eric Helque

The City That Should Not Exist

Russian Life: Sep/Oct 2004
One of the world’s five northernmost cities really should not be there at all. Norilsk is a dirty, cold outpost that is completely dark or totally sunlit much of the year. So why won’t people stop moving there?
Author: Eric Helque
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Boom Time: Siberia’s Oil-Rich Middle Class

Russian Life: May/Jun 2004
When you hear about Russia’s nascent middle class, talk is usually about Muscovites or Petersburgers. But what about Siberians? We sent an intrepid reporter to investigate.
Author: Eric Helque

The Oligarchs and the President

Russian Life: Mar/Apr 2004
The vital subtext for March’s election is the battle between the Kremlin and the oligarchs. We walk back through recent history and provide up-to-date profiles of Russia’s weakened robber-barons.
Author: Eric Helque
Illustrations/Images: Denis Petrulenkov

Chechnya Votes

Russian Life: Nov/Dec 2003
Where we offer a ground's eye view from Chechnya, during this fall's less-than-contentious election there.
Author: Eric Helque
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