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2 September 2015

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On This Day

Notable events on this day in Russian history

1576: Ivan IV returns to the throne after having abdicated for a year in favor of Simeon Bekbulatovich.

1581: A Cossack army of 840 men, led by Yermak and including 300 Livonian prisoners of war, two priests, and a runaway monk assembled on the banks of the Kama River near Kankor and headed out on a quest to conquer Siberia.

1899: Andrei Platonov, writer, born (died 1951)

1911: Peter Stolypin, prime minister, assassinated

1919: State Institute of Cinematography founded.

1939: Universal military service (3 years in army; 5 in navy) is enstated. Draft age lowered to 19 (18 for secondary school grads).

1939: Germany invaded Poland with 1.8 million troops, beginning World War II, one week after the signing of the the Russian-German Nonaggression Pact.

1961: New ICBM tests announced. U.S.S.R. announced that it would launch a series of more powerful and improved rockets; R-16.

1972: Bobby Fischer defeated Boris Spassky to claim the World Chess Championship

1986: Soviet Union announced accident involving the Admiral Nakhimov the night before; 448 people were killed.

1996: Chechen terrorists seized some 2,000 hostages in the southern Russian town of Beslan and threatened to kill them if their demands were not met. Two days later, in a massive shootout, the hostages were free, although over 300 died, along with the terrorists.