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1. Precious Water

A shortage of clean drinking water threatens to become the main ecological problem of our time.

Tags: Volgograd, Saratov, Volga, Astrakhan, environment, water, Kalmykia
2. Walking the Volga

An office worker gives up his job to walk all 3,645 kilometers of Europe’s longest river. This is his story.

Tags: volga
3. Know Your Country!

The Children of 1917 expedition is far from over, yet we have uncovered the secret to long life and pinpointed the source of the Volga River.

Tags: Volga, children of 1917
By Nadya Grebennikova
4. Two Riverbanks*

Our producer, Misha, wanted us to row across the Volga River to visit 100-year-old Tatyana Semyonovna. He felt it would be epic and symbolic. We disagreed...

Tags: Volga, children of 1917
By Nadya Grebennikova
5. Uglich

Kristina Brazhnikova, who last week took us around her home city of Voronezh, this week takes us to Uglich.

Tags: Volga, Uglich
By Kristina Brazhnikova

Displaying: 1 - 5 of 5

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