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1. Catherine the Great Wants You to Get Vaccinated

Catherine the Great's injunction to get vaccinated has recently emerged from a private collection.

Tags: vaccine, smallpox, macdougall's, auction, Catherine the Great
2. Unusual Russian Dishes and VR Films

“This dish is eaten in almost every home. I don’t understand Russian people’s tastes at all.”

- Chinese blogger on herring under a fur coat, one of six items he listed as unusual Russian dishes

Tags: russian cuisine, Catherine the Great
3. A Russian Gift

A look at how the Jesuits, Pope Francis, and Georgetown University all share an interesting connection to Russia.

Tags: Belarus, catholicism, religion, Catherine the Great, jesuits
4. #TBT Russian Architecture's Master

283 years ago today, Vassily Bazhenov was born. Russian architecture would never be the same.

Tags: Catherine the Great, moscow, architecture
5. Too Much Catherine, Not Enough Greatness

Two reviewers evaluate Catherine the Great through a gender and a storytelling lens.

Tags: Anna, Paul I, potemkin, Catherine the Great
By Tiffany Zhu
6. Meat, Choppers, and Catherine the Great

A wrap up of the news and news-like items from in and around Russia.

Tags: sports, vodka, travel, Catherine the Great
7. Odessa's Underground

In which we explore the cats, catacombs, and contraband of a Russian imperial port.

Tags: Catherine the Great, cats, babel, jews, jewish, trade, black sea, russian empire, Ukraine
8. The Tsarina's Pen

Catherine the Great was a prolific letter writer and her missives offer a uniquely intimate view of her personal life and political development (to say nothing of her humor and passion).

Tags: letters, history, potemkin, catherine the great
9. Heir Abhorrent

On February 3, 1718, Emperor Peter I issued a manifesto depriving Alexei, his son by his first wife, of the right to succeed him to the throne.

Tags: peter the great, Catherine the Great, romanovs
10. Catherine Seizes Power

On June 28, 1762, Catherine (born Sofia Frederika Augusta), the German wife of a weakened tsar, seized Russian throne. She soon earned the appellation "the Great."

Tags: tsarism, history, Catherine the Great
By Nikolai Pavlenko

Displaying: 1 - 10 of 11

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