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14 December 2018

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Everyday Russia

March 14

By Vladimir Dudarev

Vladimir Dudarev takes us to Siberia's wooden architecture and university capital, Tomsk.

March 7

Elena Kotova takes us to the streets, beaches, yoga studios and parks of Saratov, a city on the Volga.

February 28

Alexander Podgorchuk takes us to Russia's westernmost city, Kaliningrad.

February 21

Accomplished photographer Dmitry Markov takes us on a tour of Pskov, "Where Russia Begins."

February 15

By Ilona Isayeva

Teacher Ilona Isayeva shares with us some of the charms of Kandalaksha, a small industrial town on the White Sea.

February 10

By Irina Mordasova

Journalist Irina Mordasova and photographer Konstantin Chalabov give us a tour of Veliky Novgorod, a history lover's paradise.

January 31

By Anton Karliner

Photographer Anton Karliner explains why trains, a metro bridge, and World War II have a place in Novosibirsk history.

January 24

By Maria Plotnikova

Maria Plotnikova acquaints us with Tchaikovsky. No, not the composer, the town named for him in Siberia's Perm Krai.

January 17

By Kristina Syrchikova

Photographer Kristina Syrchikova explains what a goose has to do with Samara and the Volga River.

January 10

By Anastasia Bogomolova

Artist Anastasia Bogomolova takes us on a tour of Chelyabinsk, famous for its meteorite, tanks, and a very special forest.

January 4

By Daria Kozinova

Photographer Daria Kozinova takes us on a tour of the capital of the Urals: Yekaterinburg.

December 20

By Maxim Grigoryev

Photojournalist Maxim Grigoryev shares with us his love for his hometown: Yaroslavl.

December 13

By Yulia Sulzhenko

Yulia Sulzhenko takes us to her hometown, Tyumen, Siberia's western capital, and the oil and gas capital of Russia.

December 6

By Timur Zarudny

Timur Zarudny takes us to Khabarovsk, the second largest city in the Russian Far East.

November 29

By Oksana Yushko

Photographer Oksana Yushko offers us a poignant look at Beslan, 12 years after the horrific tragedy there.

November 22

By Svetlana Tarasova

Photographer Svetlana Tarasova takes us to the heart of Russia: Kaluga. Here, along the Oka River,  the Russian space program began. 

November 15

By Sergei Karpov

Sergei Karpov was born and raised in Volgograd, which he calls "the most depressing of Russia's million-resident cities."

November 8

By Irina Novikova

Irina Novikova explains the resilience of Smolensk, its legends, ghosts, churches and fortress. Oh, and why people stop by a city park to stroke the genitals of a bronze deer.

November 1

By Evgeny Serov

Evgeny Serov takes us to Magadan, a city with beautiful ocean views and a Gulag past.

October 25

By Nina Zotina

Nina Zotina takes us to Kalmykia, a place of chess, Buddhism, and steppe.

October 18

By Ekaterina Razina

Ekaterina Razina is a wedding photographer in Bryansk. She tells us how the g is pronounced there, and why you want to visit a certain church.

October 11

By Ramil Sitdikov

Ramil Sitdikov gives us a tour of his home: Ufa, where the sky meets the water and surprising works of art were found in ancient caves.

October 4

By Kristina Brazhnikova

Kristina Brazhnikova, who last week took us around her home city of Voronezh, this week takes us to Uglich.

September 27

By Kristina Brazhnikova

Kristina Brazhnikova acquaints us with the southern city of Voronezh, which straddles its reservoir (once a river).

September 20

By Anton Unitsyn

Anton Unitsyn takes us to Solvychegodsk, where the Stroganovs got their start (thanks to salt) and where today sulfurous mud reigns supreme.

September 13

By Alexander Gaivoron

Alexander Gaivoron and his wife Anastasia took their pre-wedding honeymoon on Kamchatka, land of bears and volcanoes. And they invite us along!

September 6

Olya Virich takes us to the Kuban, more specifically Krasnodar, the capital of Russia's breadbasket.

August 23

Natalia Airiyan leads us on a short visit to Kabardino-Balkaria, in the Caucasus mountains, an area rich in ethnic diversity.

August 23

Constantin Fedin takes us to the mining capital of Western Siberia: Kemerovo.

August 16

Irina Yemets takes us north on the Golden Ring to visit the colorful town of Kostroma, hometown of the Romanovs and Snegurochka.

August 9

Tatiana Solovyova lives in Kolomna, in the southern part of Moscow Oblast. She invites us along for a visit.

August 2

Anton Podgayko left Moscow for Pyatigorsk in order to shoot in the Caucusus. He takes us along.

July 19

Alexander Gayvoron is a teacher and photographer who lives on Sakhalin. He gives us a quick tour.

July 12

By Mikhail Mokrushin

Mikhail Mokryshin gives us a short trip around Russia's northern capital and some unusual photos.

July 5

By Liailia Gimadeeva

Let's go south with Liailia Gimadeeva, who acquaints us with the beauty and wonders of Astrakhan!

June 28

By Ekaterina Novikova

Ekaterina Novikova shares her region, the Altai, with us through words and images.

June 21

By Lesya Polyakova

This week we travel to Russia's warmer climes. Lesya Polyakova gives us a quick tour of Sochi.

June 14

By Anastasiya Tsayder

Anastasiya Tsayder takes us inside village living rooms and kitchens, showing a rarely scene slice of Russian rural life.

June 7

By Sveta Balashova-Kuzmina

Sveta Balashova-Kuzmina gives us a tour of her hometown, Rostov-on-Don, at the apex of five seas.

May 31

By Constantine Gulyaev

Constantine Gulyaev takes us on a tour of Khakassia, "warm Siberia," home to shamans, powerful mountains, petroglyphs and Russia's largest hydroelectric dam.

May 24

By Nikolai Gontar

Nikolai Gontar leads us on a trip to the Republic of Mariy El, home to layered pancakes and some very unusual architecture.

May 17

By Olga Titova

Olga Titova takes us to Tver, a main city located between Moscow and St. Petersburg, a land of candles and goats, bridges and rivers.

May 10

By Mikhail Solunin

Mikhail Solunin, 28, takes us on a tour of Nizhny Novgorod, at the confluence of the Volga and Oka rivers.

April 26

By Lyubeznikov and Ivanova

Yuli Lyubeznikov and Alexandra Ivanova show off their town, one of the oldest in the Russian North: Veliky Ustyug

April 19

By Timur Akhmetov

Do you know what a karakurt is? Ever been to a Smelt Holiday? Know why some reindeer horns are trimmed? This week, travel with Timur Akhmetov to Chukotka, to find out this and more...

April 11

By Alexei Malgavko

Aleksei Malgavko, 30, lives in Omsk. This week he offers us a tour of his city and region.

April 4

By Yevgenia Zhulanova

Photographer Yevgenia Zhulanova takes us to Salekhard and the distant Nenets Autonomous Okrug during one of its most important holidays. 

March 29

By Ekaterina Klyueva

Ekaterina Klyueva takes us to the capital, the center of empire, a city everyone knows but no one every sees in full: Moscow!

March 22

By Ivan Mikhailov

Ivan Mikhailov takes us deep into the heart of Chuvashia and its capital city of Cheboksary.

March 15

By Alexander Solo

Alexander Solo is documenting "monotowns" in Russia. He shows us a couple in Leningrad Region, where he lives.

March 1

By Khava Khasmagomadova

This week, we visit Grozny with local journailst Khava Khasmagomadova.

February 23

By Elena Anosova

Elena Anosova takes us on a tour of Irkutsk and Irkutsk Oblast. Lake Baikal is only a part of it!

February 16

By Nina Zotina

Nina Zotina shows us around her home republic: Adygeya.

February 9

By Pavel Byrkin

Pavel Byrkin is a photo editor in Mtsensk, south of Moscow. This is his view of his city.

February 2

By Igor Podgorny

Igor Podgorny is a geology teacher in Petrozavodsk, but he is also an expert wildlife and landscape photographer.

January 26

By Igor Ageyenko

Igor Ageyenko, 29, lives in Blagoveshchensk. This week he offers us a tour of his city, plus a few other places in the Amur oblast.

January 20

By Elena Chernyshova

Elena Chernyshova, 34, lives in Norilsk. She sends us pictures of this mining town, as well as the Siberian city of Kodinsk.