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21. Why Did Soviet Houses All Look the Same?

Ever wonder why Soviet houses looked so drab, colorless, and interchangeable? It all started with Nikita Khrushchev's battle against architectural excess, and continues to plague Russia to this day.

Tags: khrushchev, russia, russian architecture, russian history, moscow, politics
By Eugenia Sokolskaya
22. Russian Political Prisoners Ignored by Everyone

Sergey Udaltsov, a leftist protest leader currently under house arrest pending investigation of his alleged planning of the May 6, 2012 Bolotnaya Square riots exemplifies the popular saying: “out of sight, out of mind.” Yet he is not alone in his plight...

Tags: politics, dissent, prison
By Andrey Tselikov
23. Russian McCarthyism?

Is Russia embroiled in “a rampage of obscurantism with significant limits on civil freedoms” that has a close parallel with McCarthyism?

Tags: politics, dissent
24. The Nature of Dissent

How should we understand current political dissent in Russia? Russian Life publisher Paul Richardson met with long-time Soviet/Russian political dissident Alexander Skobov to get his views on what is going on in Russia and where things are headed.

Tags: dissent, politics
By Paul E. Richardson
25. Romney = Russian for "Cold Warrior"


By launching the flabby Cold War trope that Russia is our "geopolitical adversary," Mitt Romney has exhibited yet another symptom of foot-in-mouth disease on foreign policy...

Tags: diplomacy, politics, romney
By Paul E. Richardson
26. Poor Chulpan

Putin is doing everything in his power to guarantee his victory in the first round. Everyone everywhere is mumbling “stability, stability, this is what Putin has given us.”

Tags: politics, putin, khamatova
By Tamara Eidelman
27. Putin's Counterattack

It seems like those in power are starting to get very worried, and therefore have gone over onto the counterattack. All across the country, they are herding people to pro-Putin rallies, handing out stenciled posters, then declaring what huge support he has.

Tags: politics, putin, demonstrations
By Tamara Eidelman
28. Facts are Sticky Things

A very nice blog posting by Anatoly Karlin on the facts versus the talking heads (including Obama advisor McFaul) when it comes to interpreting Russian politics and public opinion. The facts don't lie, right? Meanwhile, a film festival in San Francisco in August has a couple of nice documentaries on offer, one on growing up in Russia, another on

Tags: mcfaul, politics, opinion, film festival, documentaries
By Paul E. Richardson
29. Suppressed Testament of Lenin - pt. 13

Radek as a Source of Information

Tags: lenin, trotsky, politics
30. A Metaphorical Net Game

Russia has truly regained its prowess as a sports superpower, and it may rise further yet. It will surely be giving the U.S. a run for its money in the overall medals race at the Beijing Olympics in August... this rise in sports achievement takes place against the backdrop of a Russia that, without putting too fine a point on it, has bumbled from failure to failure in foreign policy in recent months

Tags: sports, politics, georgia
By Paul E. Richardson

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