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1. Tea Room Talk: Samovars in Russian Culture

The samovar is an essential part of Russian life. Let us sit by the samovar, enjoying tea and Russian sweets while we explore the samovar's history in Russia, as well as the culture of taking tea in Russia. We will also learn the meaning the Russian proverb "Don't go to Tula City with your own samovar."


Tags: tea, samovar
2. Drinking in Russia

Russian customs and traditions regarding the consumption of water, tea and vodka.

Tags: vodka, tea
By Linda DeLaine
3. Tea Time in Russia

Tea was brought to Russia in the 1600s from China. Since then, the brew and its implements have become an enduring tradition of Russian society. The tea ceremony itself bonds families and communities

Tags: tea
By Linda DeLaine

Displaying: 1 - 3 of 3