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25 September 2017

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Recent Stories

September 21

By Alice E.M. Underwood

Heroes who caused deaths, heroes who saved lives, questionable movie heroes, and the heroes who make art and cheese. Which is your favorite?

September 20

By Paul E. Richardson

In which a retired Polish butcher explains how to live to be 100 and serenades us on his trumpet.

September 15

By Paul E. Richardson

On borders, learning Polish, the influence of culture, and the importance of a sense of humor.

September 14

By Alice E.M. Underwood

Clown horror is horrid for clowns, a ballet scandal on the silver screen, and a pack of protesting porkers. 

September 11

By Paul E. Richardson

Two days in Irkutsk and one on Baikal, where we meet a soft-spoken mechanic and visit two very different tourist destinations.

September 8

By Paul E. Richardson

A second post from Krasnoyarsk, where we meet a poetry-writing, rug-weaving centenarian.

September 7

By Alice E.M. Underwood

How to be patriotic to a nonexistent country, get a proper education, and deal with a highway through your house. Plus buildings, bridges, and bratwursts to die for. 

September 5

By Paul E. Richardson

Krasnoyarsk: knocking down stereotypes about Siberia and meeting a centenarian who will not be stopped.

September 2

By Paul E. Richardson

On the importance of coffee, academicians, a museum, a rooster, the harvesting of turf, and collectivization. Oh, and Novosibirsk.

August 31

By Alice E.M. Underwood

Burger King makes money (its own), broke taxi passengers turn green, and summertime snow. Plus, a ballerina with a backup plan, Borodino, and the Museum of Death. 

August 29

By Paul E. Richardson

A train ride, a war hero, sunflower fields, and the Loch Ness monster - just another day on the road for the Children of 1917 team.

August 27

By Paul E. Richardson

In which we move east to Samara, on the Volga River, and meet two centenarians living alone in very different ways.