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25 June 2017

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Sample Articles

Thousands of subscribers to Russian Life love our 60-year-young magazine for its colorful feature articles, its independent tone and its amazing depth and breadth of coverage.

We think you will love Russian Life too. But don't take our word for it! Check out what readers themselves say. And, to get a sense of what our magazine is like before you subscribe, sample some of our articles saved as PDFs and linked below. (For iPad and other tablet users, you can easily purchase back issues via the free iOS or Android apps. More info here.)

Please note: in order to keep file sizes small, photos are reproduced at low resolution. The printing in our magazine is of course of the highest quality!

  • Our First 50 Years (on the magazine's 50th anniversary in 2006) [3 pages]
  • Unusual Russian Imports, from Ural motorcycles to paintbrushes and seeds [10 pages]
  • The Russian Izba [11 pages]
  • A beautiful look at Moscow's Abramtsevo Estate [10 pages]
  • Life with Mushrooms (Survival Russian column sample) [1 page]
  • Russian Oxymorons (Survival Russian column sample) [1 page]
  • Our 40th Anniversary [2 pages]
  • A biography of Alexander Blok [11 pages]
  • Russian in the Real World: How Studying Russian has helped some get jobs [7 pages]
  • A biography of Sergei Eisenstein [6 pages]
  • Potatoes and Russian history [4 pages]
  • Russian San Francisco [5 pages]