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13 November 2018

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The ABCs of Russian Diction

Musica Russica

So, you are working on your Russian vocabulary and your grammar. You are even chipping away at verbs of motion, prefixes, and the whole perfective/imperfective morass. But what are you doing on the phonetic front? You know, so that when you pronounce all the right words, you don’t negate your success by speaking in a thick American (or British) accent?

For independent students without access to a phonetics class or a patient, helpful native speaker, this DVD comes to the rescue. It leads users through all the vowel and consonant sounds, with audio and visual demonstrations, so that one can make oneself sound more Russian, be it in a casual sidewalk conversation, or when singing a Russian choral work in a choir.

No, this won’t keep you from needing to learn your grammar, but it could help you develop a reasonable facsimile of a Russian accent, which can help hide many lessor errors.

— Paul E. Richardson

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Reviewed in Russian Life: Nov/Dec 2017