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Out of My Hands

By Natasha Borzilova (Hadley Music Group)

In her third solo album since Bering Strait, Borzilova offers up an eclectic mix of country, rap, acoustic guitar and folk that is deeply personal and oddly affecting.

Stories from her personal life – her father’s work as the lead Chernobyl cleanup scientist; her daredevil grandmother; her grappling with motherhood and failed relationships – abound in these eleven songs.

Most powerful is the haunting “One Second Flat,” about a teen suddenly thrust into adulthood at her father’s premature death, “Gotta getaway, but she can’t run that fast…”

A close second is “Tiny Little Things,” about how children force one out of selfishness and bring what is truly important into focus. There is a bit of Russian in the off-kilter lullaby “Long Night,” which artfully mixes rap and eerie Russian fairy tales into something of a tribute to sleeplessness.

The liner notes are also a real plus, with Borzilova offering a short commentary on the origin and context of each song.

— Paul E. Richardson

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Reviewed in Russian Life: July/Aug 2012