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The Time of Women

Elena Chizhova
Translated by Simon Patterson with Nina Chordas
(Glagoslav, $22.50)

The history of Russia and the Soviet Union in the twentieth century was more brutal, more costly, more inspirational and more redemptive than that of any other country. Yet rarely has this history been seen through the eyes of women – those who bore the children who died in the Blockade or the War, those who were left behind (sometimes) when husbands and sons were sent to camps, those who worked alongside men all day, then went home to work another shift before the stove and sink. In this Booker winning novel, Chizhova offers a slice of that history through the revealing private narratives of a few representative women whose lives are focused on the girl who will take the women’s stories into a future they will not see. A powerful tale.

— Paul E. Richardson

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Reviewed in Russian Life: May/June 2012