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Balancing Act

By Natasha Borzilova

In this, her second solo album since the dissolution of Bering Strait, the supremely talented Borzilova compresses a refreshing mix of styles punctuated by clever lines and choruses (I’d rather look a fool than never have tried; All these emotions had so many owners before me; You’re never lost if there’s no destination), all woven together by her dreamily clear voice and brilliant guitar picking. The sound throughout is bare, acoustic, poetic – music to cook or drive by, or to play while sitting and watching the snow fall. True to the title of the album, all the songs (which Borzilova wrote or co-wrote) are about balance between lovers and emotions, between being true to one’s self and getting along. And the ancient Russian folk song, Rechka, that concludes the CD is a true gift.

— Paul E. Richardson

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Reviewed in Russian Life: Jan/Feb 2011