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If your summer reading calls for something more in the murder mystery and thriller genre, you can’t go wrong with Nadelson’s latest installment (the 8th)?in the Artie Cohen mystery series.

Cohen is a hard-drinking, no-nonsense New York cop who also happens to be a first generation Russian-American. His life is tangled with enough unsavory types to provide ample color and grist, and in this instance, it sucks him into the world of Russian oligarchs, FBI investigations and FSB?in­trigues. The catalyst is the murder of two young women, one of whom is his lover, Valentina, who also happens to be his best friend’s daughter.

Splicing in bits of current events, most notably the radioactive murder of Alexander Litvinenko, Nadelson fashions a timely tale of crossed loyalties and international conspiracies that should serve many well as a guilty summer pleasure.

— Paul E. Richardson

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Reviewed in Russian Life: July/Aug 2009